Name: KIZUNA JAPAN Volunteer Team

Chairman: Mitsuhiro Sakashita

Address: 3-3-10 Bessho Minami-ku Saitama-shi



We 'Kizuna Japan' are a private volunteer group neither controlled nor protected by law promoted by Mitsuhiro Sakashita.

The purpose is rehabilitation assistance from the great East Japan earthquake.


KizunaJapan has been to Iwaki city Fukushima every Saturday since 11th June 2011 as volunteers.

(Since January 2013 twice a month)

Every time 30 to 40 volunteers participate in our activities.


Activity detail


Supporting agriculture

The 2011 disaster at the Fukushima No.1 nuclear power plant rendered the land useless

for planting rice.

From 2012 some rice farmers began organic cotton farm instead of rice farm.

Organic Cotton need to be grown without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and herbicides.

KizunaJapan help them from planting to harvesting.



Tsunami destroyed some 120,000 buildings and damaged 220,000 others.

KizunaJapan still cleanup the Tsunami debris. Although it has passed 3 years

since then , there still have been the Tsunami debris. 


Onahama Bisyoku Hotel assistance

Onahama Bisyoku Hotel has reopened on 16th Dec 2011.KizunaJapan cleaned up Tsunami mud from Oct 2011 to Dec 2011. Since then KizunaJapan has been assisting them

as shop assistants in GW and summer holidays.


Orphanage assistance

Iwaki Ikueisya is one of the Orphanage. KizunaJapan invited children to Iwaki fireworks festival last 2 years.


Have a Christmas party, Have a Imoni party in Autumn, and mowing the garden.


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